Revolution Days

Revolution Days is a global story and an autobiographical story.

Written by Mariem Omari, it recounts her experiences as a humanitarian working in the Middle East and North Africa during the ‘Arab Spring’, gathering testimonies from people in Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Syria and Egypt. She lends her voice to the character of Samira, a Scottish-Arab aid worker who is driven by her altruistic desires. Believing she can make a difference, she takes on every mission, until she is confronted by her own vulnerability and disillusion against a backdrop of war and violence.

The production will be accompanied by a multimedia exhibition made up of short films developed with artists and refugees based in Scotland from Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Tunisia who experienced the Revolutions first hand, to create a platform for the real stories behind the news.

World Premier this November 2021 with performances in Edinburgh and Glasgow venues

More details will be announced soon.

‘There was a documentary on the BBC that said 65 percent of what we learn and retain as memory comes through sight.

How many things do you wish you hadn’t seen?’

Image Credit @ Mariem Omari, 2008
Image Credit @ Mariem Omari, 2008