One Mississippi

A dynamic new piece of Physical Verbatim Theatre, that explores how the impact of childhood experiences shape men’s adult lives. Blending humour and storytelling with powerful elements of physical theatre, this production is an uncompromising insight into what takes us to breaking point.

They say the person you are at eighteen defines who you are going to become...

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If I Had A Girl...

A groundbreaking verbatim production that provides startling insight into the lived experience of honour-based violence in ethnic minority communities around Scotland.

In their own words, survivors of honour-based violence show us how choices, families, and the burden of expectation can shape our lives irrevocably.

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How to Make a Killing in Bollywood

In collaboration with Northumberland Theatre Company

Follow the journey of two best friends, Raza Khan & Gurjit Singh as they give up their jobs as fast food chefs to become Bollywood Superstars.

Share in their laughter, their tears, their joys and heartache. Let them take you on a journey filled with music, life, song, colour and dance.

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